Benefits of Coconut Oil On The Skin



  Coconut oil is a unique plant based residue noticeably white at room temperatures and clear in color as temperatures increase forming a clear dense solution. Coconut oil, which is found in most GT cosmetics and/or Philippines cosmetics, has been found to contain healthy nutritional fats essential in the use of skin preservation in the form of medium chain triglycerides.


Our skin, the largest known organ of the human body relies on its ability to perspire via our pores sweat glands and oil glands to maintain a cooler temperature, keep hydrated and cleanse our bodies, undoubtedly bringing youthful skin.


Coconut oil has been observed by scientists and nutritionists to have the remarkable ability to hydrate the skin by penetrating deep within the surface whereby conditioning and moisturizing the skin and in so doing develop a softer smoother skin texture ---


One of the reasons for its inclusion in GT Cosmetics is that, unlike many other skin products, coconut oil does not contain water or petroleum byproducts which in turn may prove harmful to your skin over prolonged use.


Our skin is naturally kept clean by an oily residue many scientists have given the term sebum. It is this sebum, if mixed with an excessive amount of bacterial content, dead cells or shedding skin cells has the unfortunate ability to block the skin pores resulting in the development of acne and other skin conditions.

Coconut oil with its antibacterial properties has been found to effectively remove this buildup of bacteria and sebum resulting in a cleaner healthier skin.


Coconut oil has been found to alleviate a variety of skin conditions including bug bites, removal of flaking and excessively dry skin, soften and shrink wrinkles, and as an anti oxidizing agent thus preventing cell damage and aging.


Its significance to youthful skin is well appreciated that you can hardly find any Philippines cosmetics such as soap or cream without this oil. It has effectively been used in the removal of makeup acting as perfect massage oil with the natural ability to remove bacterial content from within the body.